Keys to Choosing Your Hair Iron Correctly


Choosing a hair straightener can be an arduous task. Different brands, models, how to choose one that does not burn the hair ?; One that also rice it ?; Also, surely you have other doubts, such as; If my hair is already straight, why spend money on irons?

Too many dilemmas and in the middle something too important to make this decision lightly: your hair .

Currently there are many models to choose hair straighteners, of different sizes, sizes, brands, with ceramic plates and tourmaline, with negative ions and infrared heat, and a long etcetera, which makes the choice very difficult. What we do have to be clear is that a good hair straightener is a must in our cosmetic bag.


It is essential to know how to properly use a hair straightener , easily and without compromising our hair. Therefore, I also want to give you my advice contributing my experience. For more ideas read Chi Hair Straightener Review and learn further.

In addition to the tips to use your hair straightener well, I want to help you choose the one that suits you and your needs, I also want to show you the best in the market at good prices because I know that your hair is important but your pocket too. In addition, you can buy them directly from Amazon, which is always a guarantee.

I hope this selection helps you but if you want to know more about the types of hair straighteners and which one best suits your hair type.

Tricks to use an iron to straighten your hair

Use the irons with dry hair

The most important thing is to always use the irons with dry hair and have previously used a heat shield. Never and never say, use it with wet hair, it can be dangerous and damage the fiber of your hair.

If you are first using the irons, we recommend that you start at the lowest temperature to avoid burning your hair, it will take longer, but you will avoid risks. Later the minimum temperature you have to remember to have a good smoothing is 120ºC

Temperature according to your hair type

Now it's time to choose the temperature for your hair type . If it is thin, never go up to 160ºC, on the contrary if your hair is thicker or has marked curls it can go up to 200ºC.

Start by dividing the hair into small strands and with a maximum thickness of 5 cm. Slide the iron without stopping more than two seconds at any point, as you could burn it or damage it, and always from the root to the tip.


You must take special care not to touch the plates of the iron with your hand since you can suffer serious burns as well as grab the hair just past the plates, use a comb or touch the hair at least until it cools a little. If you never thought of touching the base of the clothes iron, with the same hair irons. Remember, we are talking about temperatures of minimum of 160ºC.

Important, do not use the irons near the water (bathtubs, washbasin …) or with bare feet, it goes without saying that water and electricity are not a good combination. The same goes for your hairdryer .